Bathroom cladding height: solutions and ideas

How have trends in bathroom cladding changed of late?

Bathroom cladding height: solutions and ideas

Bathroom wall and floor cladding is one of the first things that people choose when they begin decorating this room in the house: a choice that has undergone many changes over time, in terms of both the aesthetic of the surfaces and the methods of installation.

Floor/Stone Trace-Abyss-Naturale | Wall/Stone Trace-Glade-Naturale | Wall Shower/Stone Trace-Abyss-Naturale | Wall/Glam-Rainforest
Floor/Stone Trace-Abyss-Naturale | Wall/Glam-Rainforest
Mur Shower/Stone Trace-Abyss-Naturale
Wall/Context-Store-Naturale | Wall Shower/Borealis-Inari-Chevron-Naturale
Wall Shower/Borealis-Inari-Chevron-Naturale
Wall Shower/Borealis-Inari-Chevron-Naturale
Floor/Eternity-Arabesque Pearl-Soft/Eternity-Marquina Black-Lux | Wall Shower/Eternity-Marquina Black-Lux | Wall/Eternity-Arabesque Pearl-Mosaico Kubic
Floor/Eternity-Marquina Black-Lux | Wall/Eternity-Marquina Black-Lux
Wall/Eternity-Arabesque Pearl-Mosaico Kubic
Floor/Nuance-Tabac-Naturale | Wall/Even-Dove-Naturale/Ivory-Naturale | Wall Shower/Even-Ivory-Mosaico-Naturale | Wall/Even-Medley Warm
Wall/Even-Ivory-Naturale | Wall/Even-Medley Warm
Wall Shower/Even-Ivory-Mosaico-Naturale

In the past, the height at which the tiles were laid varied from 1.2 to 1.5 meters, from the ground to half-way up the wall, leaving the upper portion of the wall white and exposed; a practice that is still quite common in certain areas of Italy and also abroad, where other materials aside from ceramic are often used for cladding.

Today an alternative to this solution consists in the tiles being laid up to the height of the door, between 2 to 2.2 meters, allowing more freedom in the aesthetic design of the tiles and making it possible in incorporate various breaks in colour or surfaces to obtain dynamic and unique patterns. The exposed portion is therefore only around the perimeter of the wall just under the ceiling and can simply be repainted from time to time.

In recent years bathroom cladding has been favouring a more contemporary and practical solution, applying tiles all the way to the ceiling, up to a height of 2.7 meters, with the exception of course of ceilings that have been lowered with plasterboard.  The visual impression is pleasing and elegant: the vertical portions are compacted, linearity and the subtlety of the grout lines triumph, thanks to, for example, the installation of large format tiles like our laminated porcelain stoneware slabs measuring 100 x 300 cm.

Aside from the ceiling, the need to periodically repaint is eliminated and the walls are completely protected from dirt, mould, and humidity. This modern innovation has also inspired the creation of antibacterial slabs, like Panaria’s ceramic surfaces with Protect technology, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Zero.3 Doghe
Opificio 22/A

The aesthetic of the surfaces, on the other hand, has branched out into two kinds of colour choices: on the one hand the preference for neutral tones that help to turn the bathroom into an intimate and relaxing environment, and on the other hand decorative solutions that bring character and personality to the space. Full-height wall cladding, in the name of functionality and aesthetic sophistication, is the latest trend in bathroom cladding, available in various styles, colours, and surfaces to satisfy every design need.

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