Panaria Ceramica interprets the bathroom

Striking, textured and protected

Panaria Ceramica interprets the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the places in the house where a balance must be struck between taste, personality and functionality. It is a space devoted to daily well-being, to moments of total relaxation, in which every detail can make a difference, from the furnishing elements to the surfaces. The floor and wall coverings have the most significant visual impact, acting as a second skin that can guide our imagination by making spaces warm and welcoming.

Panaria Ceramica, drawing on its innate ability to interpret the trends and the needs of contemporary life, has developed collections that convey the delicacy of soft, but intensely textured colours and the natural tactile appeal of wood or the masterful strength of stone, multiplying customization options.

Wallcraft - Mint | Gallery    Opificio 22/a - Calce/Naturale
Wallcraft - Bloom Warm  | Spring | Vanilla 
Wallcraft - Bloom Warm | Spring | Vanilla   Opificio 22/a - Argilla/Naturale
Wallcraft - Gem | Wax | Enigma Wax   Borealis -  Donegal/Naturale 

A very popular trend in recent years, colourful walls are an ideal way to balance spaces and provide character. Treat yourself to a splash of colour: a graphic experiment allows you to enhance the depth of the space and paves the way to thousands of developments. The Wallcraft collection thus interprets a range of soft colours combined with textures to create delicate, elegant and impressive wall coverings. Available in a large format (35x100 cm), the collection features dusty tones in 7 different shades (Wax, Vanilla, Spring, Mint, Gem, Tan, Wave). The simple and stylish range of colours is an invitation to embrace elegance and understatement, mixed with geometric and floral patterns for a great end result.

The decorative range encompasses three different styles: floral decoration, which includes Bloom in its double version, Cold, inspired by a china effect and Warm, which creates a more romantic atmosphere with its large flowers. The geometric decorations include Impulse and Gallery, which highlight a woven effect with their texture and an abstract geometric pattern with their style. They both are a valid alternative to solid colours and floral patterns and are well-suited for use on specific sections of wall or for entire rooms to create lively and dynamic effects. Enigma, finally, is the decoration that echoes the background shades, highlighting the fabric element. For a tone-on-tone result that stands out for its seamless look.

Wallcraft - Bloom Warm 
Wallcraft - Impulse
Wallcraft - Wave 
Wallcraft - Wave | Impulse
Borealis - Inari/Naturale | Chevron Inari/Naturale   Context - Store/Naturale
Borealis - Inari/Naturale
Borealis - Chevron Inari/Naturale
Borealis - Chevron Inari/Naturale

With Borealis, a collection dedicated to the study of the most sophisticated shades of wood, floor and wall coverings acquire a soft and varied aesthetic that is welcoming and comfortable for those looking for a bathroom with warm and reassuring touches, The range consists of four colours in line with the latest trends, which draw the attention to desaturated and dusty colour shades. The grains and shades of high-quality wood are reproduced with stylish touches of colour, shading and a graphic elegance that create an enveloping aesthetic, made even more realistic through an innovative production technology. This solution made it possible to achieve a perfect synergy between the graphic design and the surface, resulting in a final effect that combines and blends tactile and visual perceptions with absolute precision.

For a bathroom with a more urban and assertive character, Panaria Ceramica offers Via Maestra, a stone-effect collection that expresses the brand’s sophisticated ability to harmonize natural elements for a result with a unique, masterful character. The wide range creates a modular system that can interpret different spaces with great personality. Size is a key strength. The large formats (120x120 cm) reduce joints, making the surfaces uniform and providing a discreet and elegant backdrop to accommodate and enhance the details that make every bathroom unique. Those looking for further customisation can opt instead for a multi-format combination that produces very characterful creative and varied applications.

Via Maestra - Cammini/Naturale
Via Maestra - Foglia Argento/Cammini | Cammini/Naturale |  Mosaico Paesaggi/Naturale | Paesaggi/Naturale
Via Maestra - Foglia Argento/Cammini |  Mosaico Paesaggi/Naturale
Via Maestra - Mosaico Paesaggi/Naturale | Paesaggi/Naturale
Via Maestra - Tragitti/Naturale | Intarsi Tragitti/Naturale | Tragitti/Naturale
Via Maestra - Intarsi Tragitti/Naturale
Via Maestra - Intarsi Paesaggi/Naturale

The four colours designed for Via Maestra convey delicate tones in harmony with the aesthetic stimulation offered by nature: Percorsi, inspired by the purity of white, Tragitti, for a choice of beige colours, Cammini, with light grey shades and Paesaggi, in which grey becomes more intense. The collection is available in two versions: Naturale, with a soft surface that is remarkably resistant to wear and water absorption, and Strutturata, which is very rough and matt, particularly recommended as an outdoor flooring solution.

Walls that can customize the bathroom with very striking effects or collections that evoke, including on floors, increasingly refined wood and stone effects, while at the same time guaranteeing maximum hygiene, a fundamental requirement in the home. Borealis and Via Maestra are part of the PROTECT® line, antibacterial porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings that offer very high performance for healthy, safe and protected environments thanks to the silver ion shield incorporated in the tiles, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria from the surface.

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