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Kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops

Thanks to the extensive range of surfaces and finishings, the ZERO.3 collections by Panaria are perfect for designing worktops, tables and coverings for all kitchen volumes. 

ZERO.3 is an innovative technology whose strong points are extreme versatility and ease of use. Products of the ZERO.3 series are available in large slabs (up to100x300 cm and120x278 cm), are remarkably ultra-resistance, thanks to the fibreglass reinforcement in the 3.5mm and 5.5mm thickness, easy to clean due to exclusive surface finishing techniques; the integration of antibacterial technology Protect®makes them healthier and safer too. 

Building a kitchen top with ZERO.3 laminated porcelain stoneware by Panaria will not only guarantee high performance and long-lasting worktops but also offers an extensive variety of textures and aesthetics to choose from. From marble veinings to thick stone patterns and velvety resin sensations, ZERO.3 slabs are suitable for the most elegant and sophisticated kitchens as well as modern and minimalist ones. 


The advantages of the ZERO.3 product by Panaria for kitchen tops.


  • Resistant to knocks and scratches, they are perfect for covering all kitchen surfaces, not only tops, but counters and islands too. 
  • Resistant to temperature changes and direct heat, they are fearless in the face of frozen food or hot pans. No temperature can permanently damage porcelain stoneware. 
  • Resistant to stains, acids and moulds. They are inalterable, their quality and beauty stand the test of time. 
  • Easy to clean and extremely hygienic, all it takes is a normal kitchen detergent and a cloth to make them shine.
  • Resistant to the most common household chemical products, they are also enriched by a technology that makes them versatile and perfect for covering all kitchen surfaces.
  • They do not absorb liquids and are not subject to the formation of mottling and haloing. They do not change colour or yellow over time and are perfect for sinks and basins. 
  • Simple to transform, they are high-performance and suitable for all sorts of construction processes, like cutting and different kinds of boring techniques required for taps, fittings, built-in sink units, etc.


Download the Kitchen Countertop Technical Manual

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