Cersaie Modal


Mix&Match of colors and sensations

The materiality of concrete effect surfaces with a subtle beauty, soft and pleasant to the touch.

- Made in Italy -

Product range

Colours Decors

Walls glazed white body porous single-fired tiles

Technical specs

Test method Required value Average values
Water absorption ASTM C373 ≤ 0.5% 7% ≤ E < 20%
Breaking strenght ASTM C648 ≥ 125 lbf ≥ 125 lbf
Linear thermal expansion ASTM C372 NO PROVISION

α ≤ 4.4 x 10-6 °F-1

α ≤ 8 x 10-6 °C-1

Stain resistance ASTM C1378 As indicated by manufacturer A RESISTANT
Chemical resistance ASTM C650 As indicated by manufacturer A RESISTANT
Frost resistance ASTM C1026 As indicated by manufacturer NOT RESISTANT
Shade variation ANSI A137.1 As indicated by manufacturer V1 Uniform appearance
Flame spread ASTM E84 - Class A
Thermal conductivity EN 12524 - λ = 0.7/m °K 0.4 BTU/ft h °F


Declaration of Performance Wall tile PDF - 0.22 MB pdf

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