Give spaces a unique character with Panaria Ceramica

Colours and geometric patterns to personalise spaces

Give spaces a unique character with Panaria Ceramica

Personalising spaces – whether domestic, private or public – is all the rage. The home, as well as offices and hospitality venues, are going through a period of transformation and Panaria Ceramica is responding to the contemporary need for change with very characterful collections of ceramic floor and wall tiles.

It’s time to say goodbye to codified and standardised environments and to make room for creativity and imagination. The most popular colours and decorations are inspired by nature, which we have so sorely missed in the past months. A nuance in the shades of rock, water or green leaves is enough to awaken our instinctive connection to Mother Earth, stimulating feelings of well-being. However, there is no limit to the settings that can be created with the Panaria collections: the geometric patterns and the surfaces worked in three dimensions, capable of imitating handicrafts, make it possible to fill spaces, rendering them welcoming and even more in tune with the personality of those who inhabit them.

Wallcraft, a range of soft colours combined with tactile textures, results in stylish, elegant and very visually striking wall coverings, lending walls character and softness. Wallcraft is characterized by dusty and delicate shades that give interiors a soft warmth, featuring a tested and sophisticated mix that can be combined with many styles. There are 7 different available shades (Wax, Vanilla, Spring, Mint, Gem, Tan and Wave), forming a palette that should be thoroughly explored to make the most of the house. The simple and stylish range of colours is an invitation to embrace elegance and understatement, mixed with geometric and floral patterns for a great end result. The geometric decorations, which include Impulse and Gallery, highlight the woven effect with their texture and the abstract geometric pattern with their style. They are both a valid alternative to solid colours and floral patterns and are well-suited for use on specific sections of wall or for entire rooms to create lively and dynamic effects.

Wallcraft - Enigma/Impulse
Wallcraft - Enigma/Impulse
Wallcraft - Impulse
Wallcraft - Gallery
Glam - Relic
Glam - Boiserie Mauve/Tartan Mauve
Glam - Shape
Glam - Vibes

The Glam collection combines the timeless elegance of upholstery with the advantages offered by ceramics, including practicality and durability. The collection features 14 different decorative themes, ranging from floral compositions that reveal a natural dimension beyond common spaces to geometric textures for more minimal and essential styles. Various themes embrace colours and a geometric style, inspired by simple and minimal taste: Tartan and Boiserie, both available in Mauve and Beige shades, feature a graphic design on a module with neutral colours and a classic style; Hedge blends a delicate and light floral chain with geometric motifs; Shapes is inspired by a polka dot fabric geometric model; Vibes features stylized designs with contrasting light shades on a dark and intense background, while Relic evokes, on the ceramic surfaces of the slabs, the typical decorations of traditional rugs. All individual Glam modules are available in the 50x100 cm format, in the ultra-thin 3.5 mm thickness reinforced with glass fibre for unrivalled strength.

The brand’s outstanding large, thin slabs are beautifully rendered in the Eternity collection, which, inspired by the elegance and harmony of marble, interprets its different expressions and offers elegant and sophisticated solutions. Four laminated porcelain stoneware marbles – Statuario White, Arabesque Pearl, Breach Grey and Marquiña Black – enhance the unique vein patterns by reproducing an exquisite dynamic look and striking lustre that accentuates the prestige and the natural beauty of the surfaces. Versatile surfaces for exquisite corners of well-being, crossed by changing vein patterns, chiaroscuro effects and sophisticated geometric decorations, which satisfy a desire for harmony rediscovered in every detail.

Eternity - Contemporary Lux
Eternity - Mosaico Kubic/Arabesque Pearl Lux
Eternity - Fascia Classic-Angolo Classic/Marquina Black Lux
Eternity - Mosaico Gems Lux
This new way of designing coverings has been studied by Panaria Ceramica to make spaces unique with a cutting-edge range that can become the standout feature of the living space.

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