The 4 golden rules for your first house

A new life and new projects. Bought a house and don’t know where to start with the interior? Start with these 4 tips

The 4 golden rules for your first house

Choosing how to customise your home means identifying spaces and their uses, and, most importantly, choosing the right style and colours to transform the space into your favourite place. Here are a few tips for transforming all the rooms in your home with creativity and style: from the kitchen, the heart and soul for moments that matter, to the living room or open living space, as well as the sleeping area, where the undisputed centrepiece is the bed, and even the bathroom which, with a few tricks, can turn into a genuine personal spa, and not forgetting outdoors!

Wall/Wallcraft-Wave-Impulse-Enigma Wax | Floor/Context-Loft-Naturale
Wall/Stone Trace -Crest-Naturale | Floor/Frame-Peak-Strutturato-20 mm

Rule n.1: try once, try again and keep on trying

Your first house, at least at the start, won’t be perfect. Different chairs, a sofa that you’re unhappy with, walls with unconvincingly arranged paintings. Don’t panic! It’s totally normal. We have to focus on what we really like by experiencing it, rather than just because we saw it in a magazine. And this takes patience! It’s not something you learn overnight.

Rule n.2: come up with your style idea

Before any furniture choice, we must ask ourselves what habits we intend to indulge and what comforts we are looking for: an open, relaxed and convivial living room, intimate spaces in which to retreat to relax away from the bustle, large spaces, colourful rooms... it is important to understand the mood that you want to convey in your house and this is the starting point for everything else.

Wall/Floor/Stone Trace -Creek-Naturale
Wall/Wallcraft-Wave-Bloom Cold-Tan
Wall/Wallcraft-Gem-Wax-Enigma Wax | Floor/Borealis-Donegal-Naturale
Kitchen countertops/Stone Trace-Abyss-Naturale | Wall/Stone Trace-Glade-Naturale

Pavimento Interno/Borealis-Abisko-Naturale | Pavimento Esterno/Borealis-Abisko-Strutturato-20 mm

Rule n.3: balance solid and empty spaces

Alternate open and closed compartments to create a thoughtful composition. Things left visible should have an aesthetic that is as uniform as possible in order to avoid visual confusion.

Rule n.4: choose high-quality materials

Whether inspired by wood, concrete, marble or stone, materials chosen for floors and walls must guarantee the highest quality, both in terms of performance and aesthetics. Now you are spoiled for choice! Practical, imaginative, elegant and functional tiles are able to faithfully reproduce your favourite natural effects and to interpret more contemporary surfaces. Lending personality to a room with unique colour and material identities will be completely straightforward!

Floor/Borealis-Abisko-Strutturato-20 mm
Wall/Stone Trace -Hollow-Naturale
Wall/Wallcraft-Wax-Mint-Gallery | Floor/Opificio 22/a-Calce-Naturale

In addition, the thin ceramic slabs are ideal for renovating without dismantling. They are actually a new solution, not just for floors but also for cladding and covering large areas such as, for example, kitchen tops sinks, basins, and even furniture and tables. The areas and applications are ever-increasing, extending the boundaries of their use to furniture as well. Manufactured using advanced technology, ZERO.3 slabs are a unique type of product, benefitting from strength, extreme versatility and ease of use. Thanks to its features, ZERO.3 is:

  • available in a wide range of large sizes;
  • thin, light and suitable for renovating;
  • perfectly flat and flexible (minimum curvature radius of up to 5 metres);
  • Extraordinary resistance, thanks to fibreglass reinforcement (3.5 mm and 5.5 mm);
  • easy to work with, handle and lay;
  • highly eco-friendly: uses fewer raw materials, less water and energy, and has lower CO2 emissions.

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