4 ideas and styles for the kitchen

The heart of the house designed to suit your taste, thanks to the choice of functional tiles with a contemporary aesthetic

4 ideas and styles for the kitchen

It is often the central space of the house and the one on which most attention is focused, together with the living room, when it comes to furnishing and characterizing it. The kitchen is the room that best represents the home for all of us, and it is not always easy to design. Before thinking about colours and furnishings, it’s important to choose materials and, besides aesthetics, there’s one fundamental feature that should not be underestimated: surface hygiene and safety!

Many of Panaria Ceramica's collections are part of Protect®, an exclusive line of extremely high-performance antimicrobial floor and wall coverings in porcelain stoneware. The Protect® ceramic surfaces have a true antimicrobial shield of silver ions integrated into the tiles that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria from floor and wall surfaces that’s  always active, 24 hours a day, day and night. The surfaces are therefore ideal for an environment in which well-being is not only experienced through food, but also through the spaces in which we prepare and consume it.

Concrete effect

Panaria’s concrete effect surfaces are highly contemporary. Those who prefer Mediterranean atmospheres with material looks can choose cement tiles that enable you to create very visually striking graphic elements. Or, for a compact, essential environment, characterised by a minimalism that enhances pure forms, you can opt for less processed surfaces featuring marble, stone and terracotta grit, blended into a cement-based mixture.

Floor/Opificio22/a-Trame Chiaro-Naturale/Argilla-Naturale | Backsplash/Opificio22/a-Trame Chiaro-Naturale
Backsplash/Opificio22/a-Trame Chiaro-Naturale
Floor/Opificio22/a-Trame Chiaro-Naturale/Argilla-Naturale

Opificio22/a is a concrete effect collection of extraordinary textured surfaces, marked by the traces of the passage of time. They animate and alter the graphic effect to make it extremely varied. Available for outdoor use in the traditional thicknesses 8 mm, 9.5 mm and 20 mm in 90x90 cm, 60x60 cm, 30x60 cm and 20x20 cm sizes and created in five colours of neutral shades: from white Chalk, to beige Argilla, grey and warm grey Calcio and Terra, and finally, charcoal Cenere. The collection is made complete with a variety of decorative options inspired by the charm of cement tiles (size 20x20 cm), ranging from more traditional designs to geometric patterns with a contemporary style. 

Context ist eine Kollektion von Fußböden und Verkleidungen, die von den alten Verarbeitungen der Oberflächen inspiriert ist, welche mit Mischungen aus Marmor-, Stein- und Terrakottasplitt zu einer Masse auf Zementbasis verschmolzen wurden. Es ist in fünf Grautönen - Square, Loft, Stare, Hangar und Mansion - erhältlich, die dank einer Mischung aus edlem und feinem Splitt eine Vielzahl von hellen und neutralen Farben ergeben. In der reduzierten Stärke von 3,5 mm in den Formaten 120x260 cm und 120x120 cm sowie in modularen und kalibrierten Formaten in der Version aus traditionellem Feinsteinzeug mit 9,5 mm Stärke erhältlich, die mit dem strukturierten Finish 20 mm für Anwendungen im Innen- und Außenbereich bestimmt ist. Die Kollektion wird dann durch Mosaiken, raffinierte Dekors und ergänzende Spezialteile ergänzt, die moderne und klassische Lösungen bilden und den kostbaren Charakter des Inspirationsmaterials mit der Widerstandsfähigkeit und der Funktionalität der Keramik verbinden.

Floor/Context-Mansion-Naturale | Wall/Context-Mansion-Naturale | Backsplash/Context-Masion-Muretto 3D
Backsplash/Context-Masion-Muretto 3D

Stone effect

For those who love the stone effect, Panaria’s collections offer soft shades and bolder versions, ideal for characterising cooking areas and kitchen tops with elegance and contemporary style. Porcelain stoneware is also environmentally friendly and guarantees optimal hygiene and durability. The surface texture is perfectly uniform and, thanks to Panaria’s leading production technology, it also offers perfect graphic effects, exactly like natural stone. Last but not least, porcelain stoneware kitchen tops are not afraid of water, keep their colour and are ideal for sinks and basins. 

Kitchen countertops/Stone Trace-Abyss-Naturale | Wall-Floor/Stone Trace-Glade-Naturale
Kitchen countertops/Stone Trace-Abyss-Naturale | Wall/Stone Trace-Glade-Naturale
Kitchen countertops/Stone Trace-Abyss-Naturale | Wall/Stone Trace-Glade-Naturale

Stone Trace features five colour variants: from the light, bright shades of Glade to the minimal grey tones expressed by Creek and Abyss, to the warmer shades of beige seen in Crest, and finally Hollow: a version that adds rust-coloured accents to a dark charcoal base. Available in 60x120 cm, 120x120 cm and 120x278 cm sizes, the latter being particularly effective as cladding for wall effects that guarantee seamless design and the option of dressing architectural spaces in a natural-looking second skin. Large and ultra-thin slabs: just 6mm thick, these slabs can be laid over existing floors, making easy space renovation possible, quick installation without any dismantling required. 

Frame is a collection that provides a modern interpretation of the elegant character of sedimentary rock. Haloing, calibrated streaks, and dynamic shading in five colours - Glen, River, Peak, Groove and Gorge - characterise a material with profound and varied aesthetics and great expressive strength. The textured and refined surfaces resonate with the natural beauty of stone. Available in thicknesses of 9.5 mm and the larger 20 mm, ideal for exteriors that require extremely high technical performance. With versatile mosaics and murettos, this collection increases configuration possibilities for maximum design freedom extending from indoors to outdoors

Inside Floor/Frame-Peak-Naturale | Outdoor Floor/Frame-Peak-Strutturato
Inside Floor/Frame-Peak-Naturale | Outdoor Floor/Frame-Peak-Strutturato

Chromatic look

Love colour? The selection is vast thanks to Panaria’s collections, ranging from fluid, light colours inspired by the ‘50s to more symmetrical and geometric designs, contemporary interpretations of jungle style and floral motifs and sophisticated high stylistic impact patterns. Fresh, versatile colour palettes and textures produced on porcelain stoneware, suitable for any room in the home, from the living room to the dining area as well as the bedroom and bathroom. Panaria collections furnish spaces with playful combinations capable of recreating an evocative ambiance, vintage, classic or contemporary. 

Glam Tips/Glam-Hedge-Naturale

Glam, is a brand new collection of laminated porcelain stoneware slabs from just 3.5 mm thick, reinforced with fibreglass for unparalleled strength. Featuring 14 different decorative themes, ranging from floral compositions that reveal a natural dimension beyond common spaces, to geometric textures for more minimal and essential styles. All individual Glam modules are available in 50x100 cm sizes and are meticulously studied by Panaria Ceramica, making spaces unique with a cutting-edge range that can become the key feature of the living area.

Wallcraft is available in a large size (35x100 cm) and is characterised by dusty, delicate shades that gives interiors a soft warmth and sophisticated mix that can be combined with many styles. 7 different shades (Wax, Vanilla, Spring, Mint, Gem, Tan and Wave) form a palette that should be thoroughly explored to make the most of the house. Simple and stylish, the soft colour palette combines tactile textures bringing elegant, visually striking coverings to life, lightening the walls, lending them character and softness. Extremely versatile decorations, with a creative approach inspired by geometric patterns, floral themes and three-dimensional reliefs, Wallcraft is perfectly suited to the most contemporary, minimalist spaces, as well as those with more classic, timeless interior choices. 



Wall/Wallcraft-Bloom Cold/Tan-Naturale
Wall/Wallcraft-Impulse/Enigma Wax/Wave

Wood effect

Those who are passionate about the wood effect can opt for Panaria's collections that recreate the finest types of wood in natural, realistic surfaces using modern digital technology. The grains emphasised by the many, varied colour tones and the material effects produced on porcelain stoneware are ideal for recreating the characteristic warmth of wood but, more importantly, ensure high knock and scratch resistance. Unlike classic floorboards, it does not require any special maintenance or cleaning products.

Floor/Nuance-Miel-Naturale | Backsplash/Nuance-Chevron-Miel-Naturale
Floor/Nuance-Miel-Naturale | Wall/Nuance-Mosaique-Miel-Naturale

Nuance is a wood effect collection with a soft and varied aesthetic. Available in five colour tones (Caramel, Miel, Tabac, Perle, Cendre) with unique grains and a strong, decisive character that seamlessly harmonises with the colours seen when paired with different types of oak. The four different sizes (30x180 cm, 20x180 cm, 30x120 cm and 20x120 cm) allow for a variety of structured layouts, ideal for creating a comfortable and sophisticated ambiance. Its rich decorative range also offers new configuration options for floors and walls with seamless indoor to outdoor solutions, thanks to the textured finish for outdoor uses in size 40x120 cm in 20 mm (available in Caramel, Miel and Tabac).

Cross Wood is a wood effect porcelain stoneware flooring collection, unique in its dense wood tones that alternate, blend with each other and, piece after piece, create unique compositions and colour contrasts. The five selected tones, from the more neutral Bone to the dark, intense Ebony, and from the warm and natural shades of BuffDust and Cinder, recreate intimate and elegant environments, giving the home impeccable style without sacrificing the strength, functionality and safety of Panaria porcelain stoneware.  The 20x120 cm size in 9.5 mm, much like natural wood strips, is coupled with the 30x120 cm size in 20 mm, suitable for gardens, terraces and all outdoor spaces. Perfect for those looking for natural, functional and elegant outdoor flooring.

Floor/Cross Wood-Buff-Naturale
Floor/Cross Wood-Buff-Naturale
Floor/Cross Wood-Buff-Naturale

Whether you’re looking for large, colourful cladding solutions or small, decorative cement tiles, or whether you’re creating a workbench or a kitchen backsplash with unique and functional stone-effect slabs, Panaria offers infinite solutions for furnishing and renovating your kitchen. All without having to sacrifice the high-performance of durable, hygienic porcelain stoneware that’s stain resistant, antimicrobial and doesn’t release harmful substances, even when in contact with heat. And, last but not least, it’s easy to clean. 

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