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Inspired by Nature

Reimagining spaces as a tribute to positivity and harmony

Inspired by Nature
In the realm of residential design and beyond, biophilic design is emerging as a refined model, guided by protocols and application standards. It represents a resolute endeavour to craft environments inspired by nature which focus on prioritising views of green areas, ensuring impeccable air quality, embracing natural lighting, employing materials, and integrating colour tones that draw inspiration from plants, flowers and the overall outdoor environment. The overarching objective is to create spaces that are as regenerative as possible in terms of fostering mental acuity, facilitating stress recovery, and nurturing an elevated state of well-being.

Borealis - Abisko - Plank

Kairos - Ilios

Pierre des Reves - Charme 

The Place - County Beige

In & out

Elements such as sliding glass doors, revolving doors and large panoramic windows open up the house and establish a strong bond between the indoors and outdoors, harmoniously connecting with the surrounding nature.

By means of a careful selection of materials and colour palettes, the grass and plants from the garden can make their way into the indoor living place, creating a solid connection between inside and outside, and evoking a painting-like effect. Sliding solutions in particular, such as a spacious tri-fold door, provide the flexibility to separate or extend the two spaces as a unicum to allow the refreshing breeze of sunny days to permeate the interiors.

The floor collections, Borealis and Kairos, offer remarkable wood effects, while options like Pierre des Reves and The Place provide stunning stone effects. These collections infuse indoor spaces with a refined and modern taste, blurring the boundaries between the house and its garden. They create striking chromatic contrasts, adding great personality to the space.

Balconies and terraces

Even for those living in apartments, it is still possible to establish a connection with the surrounding nature and have the sense of being immersed in the outdoors. Thanks to balconies and terraces, one can enjoy the outdoors even in an apartment, and collections like Nuance or Borealis , with their interpretation of wood plank veins and colours, offer highly durable floorings that are scratch- and wear-resistant, extremely easy to clean, and most importantly, retain their vibrant colours over time.

Nuance - Tabac

Kairos - Ilios

Iqoniqa - Blossom

Frame - Peak

Kairos - Zoi

Wallcraft - Mint

Even - Leaf - Shapes

Colours inspired by nature

More than ever in recent years, the colours, even more than furnishings, seem to come to our aid in reimagining the house and also in creating new spaces. Due to the fact that the square footage of a room doesn’t change based on colour, the shades operate on two levels: to add depth and to define spaces. Therefore, by drawing inspiration from natural hues the house fills with positive energy; a rich space made of warm and vibrant colours that evoke the outdoors.

Shades of green and blue exquisitely complement ceramic wall tiles such as the Iqoniqa series, as well as stone-effect porcelain floorings such as Frame or wood-effect porcelain tiles like Kairos. For more timeless and extremely practical solutions, it is possible to opt for coloured ceramic coatings like Wallcraft or Even, that in their various interpretations of green, offer the possibility to recreate walls with great character and personality.

Plants and flowers inside the house

Plants and flowers are cherished throughout the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom, and are used to embellish entire walls. They provide a means of self-expression by creating movement, mixing different shades of green and incorporating a decorative element that can stir our emotions.

In corners, on walls, whether big or small, these oases unleash the imagination and soothe and comfort the mind and soul. With the ZERO.3 Glam collection one can choose from a selection of 5 different decorative themes that range from delicate flower patterns to inspiring designs for actual vertical gardens.

Glam - Greenwall - Stone Trace - Abyss 

Glam - Colorful

Glam - Hedge

Glam  - Rainforest

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