Large surfaces with bright contrasts

Metal-effect floor and wall tiles that combine the elegance of large slabs with the perfection of metal surfaces

Product range

Colours Decors

Floors and Walls laminated porcelain stoneware

Technical specs

Test method Required value Average values
Water absorption ASTM C373 ≤ 0.5% 0,1% *Average value referred to ceramic material only
Deep abrasion resistance ASTM C1243 ≤ 175 mm3 Compliant
Linear thermal expansion ASTM C372 NO PROVISION α ≤ 4.4 x 10-6 °F-1 /α ≤ 8 x 10-6 °C-1
Stain resistance ASTM C1378 As indicated by manufacturer Class A Resistant
Chemical resistance ASTM C650 As indicated by manufacturer Class A Resistant *Excluding hydrofluoric acid and its derivates
Flame spread ASTM E84 - Class A
Thermal conductivity EN 12524 - λ = 1,3 W/m °K / 0,7 BTU/ft h °F
Breaking strenght ASTM C1505 ≥ 85 lbf ≥ 6000 PSI
Shade Variation ANSI A137.3 As indicated by manufacturer V2 (Oxide - Chrome) Slight variations V3 (Rust - Petrol - Essence) Moderate variations


Certification ISO 9001 Panaria - Panariagroup PDF - 0.25 MB pdf
Certification ISO 14001 Panariagroup PDF - 0.39 MB pdf
Declaration of Performance Laminated Porcelain 3Plus PDF - 0.19 MB pdf
Certification EMAS Fiorano PDF - 0.13 MB pdf
Tender specs ZERO.3 Blade PDF - 0.22 MB pdf
BIM Blade Zero3 ZIP - 10.55 MB zip

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