The laying of tiles: what’s there to know?

The requirements for proper laying of porcelain stoneware

The proper laying of tiles is fundamental to the durability of ceramic cladding. The proper preparation of the support and the choice of adhesive and sealant suitable to the type of tiles being laid and to the specific characteristics of the space (interior/exterior, wall/floor, light/heavy traffic, etc.) make it possible to install cladding that will last over time. Entrusting yourself to a qualified installer and using products that adhere to the most modern national and international norms is, therefore, of the utmost importance.

When selecting tiles one must consider their specific characteristics and whether or not these satisfy the requirements of the designated space and of the degree of traffic that the tiles will be subjected to in their lifetime, also in terms of thickness and format.

The designated space is one of the main parameters to consider. The type and intensity of the loads that the tiled surface will bear must be known before ceramic tiles are chosen, as the tiles will need to possess characteristics that guarantee the necessary durability. Potential contact with aggressive substances must also be taken into account.

The subfloor, in addition to guaranteeing the planarity of the ceramic cladding, must have a mechanical resistance strong enough to support the loads, even accidental, that the surfaces will be subject to. At the time of installation the support must be clean, level, dimensionally stable, have no discontinuities, and be devoid of any substance that could compromise the subsequent adhesion of the tiles.

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