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Arch. Federica Signorini



A new and elegant housing complex has recently been built in a peaceful residential area of Riccione, adjacent to viale Ceccarini, leading up to the famous seafront. The construction consists of 9 housing units in total and the project was curated by architect Federica Signorini, whose style is characterised by a palpably rationalist linearity and decorative essentiality.

"Building layout makes the most of plot measurements, aligning with its perimeter. The building presents a greater volume on the ground floor, gradually reduced on the upper floors to make room for loggias and balconies. In formal terms, the project aims to confer movement upon the façades by creating intersections of volumes, beams and pillars, elements which are enhanced with the use of different materials and colours", explains the architect.

The aim of creating a "dual" appearance for the envelope was achieved with a balanced and harmonious juxtaposition of a spatula-finished, light-coloured cladding and with the wood effect of ZERO.3 Doghe, thin ceramic slabs by Panaria Ceramica, cut from large, 3-metre long slabs.

Federica Signorini explains: "I came to choose Panaria because I needed to work with a lightweight, thin (a thickness of just 3.5 mm), flexible material in large-format sizes. It needed to be glued onto the thermal cladding so I focused on making sure it wasn't too heavy."

All characteristics present in the laminated porcelain stoneware collection.

"The 3 m length by 1 m width slabs enabled me to create the slat effect initially developed during the project planning phase, completed by a horizontal joint width treated with black filler to evoke the wood used for boats as much as possible: an allusion to the marine genius loci of Riccione and the Riviera".

Coupled with such features and in order to support the building's clean-cut and linear lines, the parapets have been made in glass fixed to the masonry with hidden recessed iron supports.

The collection is expressed in three modern colours - Rovere Naturale, Rovere Oliato and Rovere Verniciato - characterised by warm and refined graphics, perfect for residential projects which in addition to aesthetic qualities, require a technical and qualitative guarantee.


Photo credits: Luciano Busani 


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