Horto Convento Hotel

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Installation with adhesive



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Architettura e Restauro



Immersed in an enchanting and intimate setting, the Horto Convento Hotel is located in the historic "Il Conventino" building, a nun’s convent built in the eighteenth century in Florence, which still preserves all it’s the beauty and authenticity of the past.

The luxury hotel is striking for its special intimate, silent atmosphere and the sophisticated and refined surroundings that achieve a contrast between the neutral shades of the materials and the individual details of the furnishings, which are complemented by an extensive, eclectic art collection. All the spaces convey a feeling which is welcoming, yet at the same time vibrant, thanks to the meticulous selection of furnishings and materials by the architects Angelo De Napoli and Silvia Pintus.

The Prime Stone surfaces of Panaria Ceramica in the Greige Prime Lux colour, 90x90 cm size, were chosen for the interior cladding: aesthetics in soft, calibrated colours that reproduce the natural soul of stone together with a contrasting concrete effect to create a contemporary design rich in details that enhance all the common areas of the structure.

The classic beauty and cosmopolitan spirit of Prime Stone highlights the aesthetic and functional potential of one of Panaria's most prestigious collections, offering design elements that extend the visual continuity of a surface with an exclusive charm.

Photo credits: Luciano Busani    
Progettista: Architettura e Restauro   
Distributore: Innocenti Bruna


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