Cantina Villa Elisa - Franciacorta

Applicazione Progetto

Installation with adhesive


Public places

Project by

Arch. Ghirardelli / Geom. Zilberti



The innovative project focused on creating a "perfect winery" where nature and architecture are completely in tune: fermentation and storage of the wine take place under optimal conditions before being offered to customers.

For the tasting room, the architect Ghilardelli, who was responsible for the finishes and the interiors, needed materials that combined refinement and strength and that were as natural as possible.

The surfaces of the ZERO.3 Doghe collection in Rovere Oliato colour perfectly match the technical and aesthetic requirements of the project, creating an effect of continuity and unexpected realism, thanks to their versatility and materiality.

Characterized by the innovative technology of laminated porcelain stoneware, which enables the production of large sizes with a thickness of 3.5 mm, the slabs are flexible, light and highly resistant and can be used for numerous design projects. 

Panaria Ceramica’s ability to produce high quality solutions able to meet all requirements is reaffirmed through the ability to interpret highly contemporary styles with passion, attention to quality and excellence "Made in Italy". 


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