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Arch. Marco Rocchi



Panaria Ceramica porcelain stoneware collections are the standout feature of the interior of the La Torretta B&B in Riolunato, located in the deepest areas of the Modena Apennines, at the foot of Monte Cimone. A project with a contemporary style chosen by the owner and with a meticulous attention to detail that focuses on the aesthetics of the surfaces to create a warm and hospitable environment. Surrounded by nature, the La Torretta B&B has an intimate and welcoming atmosphere that people who enter as guests for the first time can immediately feel at the entrance.

The rooms, which are all different and carefully designed, are named after the women of the house. The interiors characterized by wood finishes convey a sense of profound comfort and are the ideal setting for hosting Panaria Ceramica's porcelain stoneware collections: Assi d’AlpeDiscoverNorth CapeUrbanature and Memory Mood.

The details and shades that characterize wood typical of alpine buildings are revived in Assi d'Alpe, the surface that interprets wood craftsmanship with a contemporary style, while possessing greater resistance to wear and enabling easier cleaning of the surfaces.

Inspired by the ancient and irregular intensity of wood and the result of a careful selection of wood species from Northern Europe, North Cape was used on the floor in the rooms to reproduce the effect of planed wood treated with impregnating oils and varnishes.

To highlight the contemporary character of the project and to create contrast, the Discover collection was used, a reproduction of a quartzite stone – Pietra di Vals – mined in Switzerland, in the Origin and White variants for the floor and wall coverings in the hospitality area, certain stairs and certain bedrooms. Discover is the perfect combination between balance and authenticity. In this project, it was used in the rectified rectangular 30x60cm and rectified 20x60 format in order to follow the natural direction of the veins.

The Urbanature collection, which has a concrete effect, was also used, featuring the large 90x90 format Portland variant for the floor surfaces of certain bedrooms.

Finally, to cover certain bathrooms, the Memory Mood collection was used, inspired by handcrafted cement tiles that represented the most widespread building material in Europe in the late-19th century and early-20th century and that preserve an original interpretation of the concept of a “time-worn” effect brought back to the present.

The Panaria Ceramiche collections lend major aesthetic value to the rooms and were also chosen to ensure maximum comfort for B&B guests. All the products belong to the Protect® line, the innovative series of floor and wall coverings equipped with an integrated antibacterial shield already in the firing stage and capable of almost completely eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria from the surfaces. The result is constantly protected surfaces with outstanding hygienic performance for living spaces characterized by absolute peace.

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