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B&B - La Dimora di Francesco

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Panaria Ceramica in Assisi to embellish the spaces of the B&B La Dimora di Francesco


Assisi means Saint Francis, one of the world’s most famous saints. Assisi is also the land of the B&B La Dimora di Francesco, an 18th-century farmhouse with a sober design and well-balanced proportions. The exposed bricks that create a sort of pattern on the walls, the rhythm of the windows with wooden shutters, the openings on the lower floor protected by wrought iron bars, the narrow outdoor staircase that separates the rooms on the upper floor from those on the ground floor, the interplay of heights with different volumes, the roof sections of different sizes and gradients coordinated by the constant presence of the tiles: everything denotes the compositional dignity of this building which, although simple, has been meticulously designed, both in terms of its original construction and its restoration.

Panaria Ceramica is the star of the show with its porcelain stoneware collections that cover the floors of the bedrooms and the hospitality area.

Also inside, the exposed brick walls have a rustic style that conveys a sense of genuine hospitality, confirmed by the delicate shades of Reisa in the 20x90.5cm format and 10mm thickness from the North Cape collection by Panaria Ceramica, which features an unprocessed wood effect to create a natural simplicity that envelops the heart of the home.

Inspired by the ancestral, irregular intensity of wood, North Cape has the intensity and evocative power of a living and timeless material, lending warmth and comfort to a room. Featuring a wealth of details and shades, it is characterized by its high aesthetic quality. It is durable and easy to maintain thanks to the antibacterial Protect® technology, which is capable of almost totally eliminating bacteria from surfaces with a long-lasting effect.

Panaria Ceramica has always combined the value of Italian ceramic expertise with the most contemporary expressions of living, offering versatile and unique surfaces for intimate and personal environments.


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