Zero.3: large format slabs with which to renovate every space in the home

Zero.3: large format slabs with which to renovate every space in the home

Decorating or renovating a home is always an exciting adventure.

A living space’s design is the product of creativity, the selection of high quality materials, and technological innovation that combine aesthetic aspects with technical performance without neglecting any of the practical and functional aspects.

When renovating it’s necessary to consider various details and, at times, certain inconveniences as well: dust, materials to be disposed of, temporary unusability of the space…, but also to make functional improvements and to reorganize spaces, bringing life to new aesthetic solutions. Zero.3 by Panaria, the product of exclusive “laminated porcelain stoneware” technology which makes it possible to obtain large format slabs measuring 100x300cm and with a thickness of up to 3,5 mm, expands design options in the world of architecture and interior renovation and makes it possible to transform any space in the home.

The reduced thickness is the innovative element which opens the product up to a wide variety of applications and makes it flexible, lightweight, and easier to handle.

Zero.3 3plus, with a thickness of only 3.5 mm and weighing a mere 7.8 Kg/mq, is the perfect product to lay over pre-existing floors in order to save on costs of labour and limit the structural load increase. Furthermore, given that laying on a pre-existing floor almost always guarantees a perfectly level work surface, installation is even faster. All this with the advantage that spaces remain usable, without any major inconveniences and without having to modify doors or windows.

Another unique characteristic of Zero.3 is the extreme ease with which it is installed: the material can be easily cut, shaped, and perforated either manually or through the use of machinery and tools for the processing of porcelain stoneware, glass, or marble to obtain surfaces that adapt perfectly to all the requirements of a space.

Zero.3 by Panaria Ceramica is available in a wide range of collections with various surface finishes and graphic effects. The Zero.3 slabs can very realistically reproduce the shading of natural stone, the colour tones of cement and metal, and the natural grain of wood, as well as the delicate nuances of the most elegant marbles.

Creative solutions are infinite thanks to the variety of formats available and the opportunity to create unique and personalized spaces.

ZER0.3 is available in three different thicknesses:

- ZER0.3 (3 mm) is the ultra-thin  lightweight slab suitable for installation as wall cladding; 

- ZER0.3 3 PLUS (3.5 mm) is the reinforced version with a fibreglass mesh that increases the strength and flexibility of the product, making it perfect for renovations without demolition; 

- ZER0.3 5 PLUS (5.5 mm) innovative slabs reinforced with a fibreglass mesh for maximum strength and durability. 

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