Vision of outdoor living

Highly practical, captivating outdoor solutions, trails of colours and impressions to accompany and enhance moments of wellbeing outdoors

Vision of outdoor living

The gradually milder temperatures, the longer days, a desire to breathe outdoors, to smell the scent of nature awakening or simply to enjoy the first warmth of the sun: this is what leads us every year, in spring, to reclaim outdoor spaces. Courtyards, gardens, patios or terraces become extensions of our nests, of homes that are increasingly flexible and reorganized to accommodate every moment of our day. Thus hours of work, study or leisure can be spent outside, offering moments of relaxation or concentration, pleasantness and newfound wellbeing.

Panaria Ceramica, a brand that can fully satisfy the most contemporary living needs, presents collections of porcelain stoneware floors designed to offer optimal quality, practicality and beauty, including outdoors. Products that meet the most diverse aesthetic requirements, inspired by stone or by the refined textures of wood, but united by a deep material and aesthetic research and above all by impeccable technical performance.


Via Maestra

Is a stone-effect collection, expresses the brand’s sophisticated ability to harmonise natural elements for a result with a unique, majestic character, the emblem of a “mother” collection.

The vein patterns that cross the surface consist of light, subtle, shaded marks that create movement, depth and a three-dimensional effect. Lighter streaks create a delicate and elegant contrast with the darker sections, drawing the eye into the densest and deepest heart of the material to convey the sense of a path beaten by time, but known, familiar and reassuring. A deep evocation of our origins that helps to create spaces with a positive, relaxing, welcoming neutrality.


Wall/Stone Trace-Crest-Naturale | Floor/Frame-Peak-Strutturato
Wall/Stone Trace-Crest-Naturale | Floor/Frame-Peak-Strutturato
Pavimento Interno/Via Maestra-Tragitti-Naturale | Pavimento Esterno/Via Maestra-Trigitti-Strutturato
Pavimento Interno/Via Maestra-Tragitti-Naturale | Pavimento Esterno/Via Maestra-Tragitti-Strutturato
Pavimento /Via Maestra-Tragitti-Strutturato
Pavimento /Via Maestra-Cammini-Strutturato
Pavimento/Via Maestra-Cammini-Strutturato

The wide range creates a modular system that can interpret different settings with great personality. Outdoors, a seamless transition is created with the colours and effects of earth and stone, perfectly blending into the environment without adding artificiality. Via Maestra accompanies the route in a natural way, as if it had always been there, reminding us of ancient paths suddenly brought to light.

The four colours designed for the collection explore delicate tones in harmony with the aesthetic stimulation offered by nature: Percorsi, inspired by the purity of white, Tragitti, for a choice of beige colours, Cammini, with light grey shades and Paesaggi, in which grey becomes more intense.Size is a key strength. The modularity offered by different formats enables the most varied customizations, allowing combinations with slabs of the same size or very characterful multi-format variants.


Panaria porcelain stoneware with a high thickness of 20 mm, as well as several products with traditional thickness but featuring a surface treatment specifically designed for outdoor use, represent, in fact, the evolution of the most innovative flooring for outdoor spaces, guaranteeing unlimited durability and peace of mind.

This range of surfaces is resistant to frost, temperature changes, mould, stains and salt. It features high slip resistance and is easy to clean, maintaining the quality of the material and colour over time. The overall goal is to further enhance outdoor life with collections that are ideal for furnishing the outdoor area of your home with outstanding quality.


Is a wood-effect collection that explores the most refined shades of oak, drawing on the great ceramic tradition while interpreting the most contemporary styles thanks to a continuous technological innovation and the brand’s vocation for the residential sector.

The range consists of four colours, in line with the latest trends, which draw attention to desaturated and dusty colour shades with strong references to nature. Borealis, in fact, accurately reproduces the vein patterns and the shades of high-quality wood, crossing the boundaries between the interior and outdoors, both visually and above all in sensory terms.

Pavimento Interno/Borealis-Donegal-Naturale | Pavimento Esterno/Borealis-Donegal-Strutturato
Pavimento Interno/Borealis-Donegal-Naturale | Pavimento Esterno/Borealis-Donegal-Strutturato
Pavimento Interno/Borealis-Abisko-Naturale | Pavimento Esterno/Borealis-Abisko-Strutturato

Borealis is a collection that ensures visual continuity between interiors and exteriors with very practical and attractive structured solutions: the changeable materials, the sophisticated colour gradations and shades, and the refined patterns create a warm and inviting aesthetic.

The outdoor formats have a very rough, matt Strutturata surface that is particularly suitable for outdoor flooring; they are available in 20x120 cm with traditional thickness or in 40x120 cm with 20 mm thickness for maximum technical performance.

The Panaria range also offers a wide selection of colours, effects and formats: endless solutions to decorate the outdoor area with an original approach, maintaining stylistic continuity and a pleasant harmony with the other areas of the house, since all the proposals are always accompanied by specific products for the interior.

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