The Holiday Home

An Atmosphere to be Experienced Year Round in Every Corner of the House

The Holiday Home

The holidays are the perfect moment to truly enjoy your home, adding small ornaments or simple furnishing to each room and transforming your space into a styled environment. This is the ideal time to immerse yourself in warmth and comfort and perhaps even consider a complete makeover for your living spaces. There's a plethora of trends and styles to explore, each catering to different preferences while keeping in mind the increasing focus on eco-friendly products and materials, as well as timeless designs that fit seamlessly throughout the year.  Discover our offers an array of solutions characterized by a rich variety of details, designs, and textures, enabling endless combinations to create inviting and practical spaces for every moment.

Rainbow joy

Colour becomes the medium to brighten every room. Lively, vibrant shades echoing the rainbow offer the opportunity to creatively manipulate spaces, establishing zones and areas from the kitchen to the living room that radiate joy and a festive vibe, thus enhancing the home across various seasons.  

Dark Romantic

A growing trend is the creation of intimate spaces with refined hues, offering a sanctuary for relaxation and peace. Dark, unconventional colours play a key role in crafting an elegantly modern atmosphere, achieved through mixing materials and textures like velvet, metal, and satin-finished wood.

Luxe Decadence

The Luxe Decadence trend perfectly embodies the balance between high-end furnishings and a mindful design. It embraces an intense, daring, and indulgent style, blending playful patterns, colours, and glamorous decorations with a commitment to sustainable products and materials.

Soft and cozy

In recent years, the concept of “living soft and cosy” has evolved into a guiding principle in home living. This trend emphasizes how tactile softness and gentle colours can foster a sense of comfort and serenity. Pastel shades add a unique touch, making every area feel welcoming and soothing. From floors to walls, from tiles to fabrics, each element is carefully selected for its material and tactile qualities.

Natural Elements

The key to exalting every space, whether indoor or outdoor, hinges on the integration of natural elements. The pursuit of high-quality, sustainable products is central to modern residential design, with furniture increasingly drawing inspiration from nature in its form, materials, and aesthetic.

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