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Panaria Ceramica @ Coverings 2024

Panaria Ceramica @ Coverings 2024

Panaria Ceramica participates in the 2024 edition of Coverings, the main North American exhibition for the ceramic and natural stone surfaces sector. An important event capable of highlighting the new trends in the sector and the guidelines of living and construction for the American market.

From 22 to 25 April, the brand will be present in Atlanta, at the Georgia World Congress Center. In this international context, Panaria Ceramica will present solutions designed specifically for the US market, alongside products and cross-cutting collections - intended for all countries. In fact, the brand's ability to identify and reinterpret trends and styles of contemporary living is able to give life to projects created specifically for the needs of a specific market.

Among the products being presented is Prestige, a series that reinterprets the timeless elegance of marble with a contemporary twist. Panaria catalogue is thus expanded with a collection that focuses on the classicism of four marble looks with discreet graphic textures and warm, luminous shades, in two finishes (Lux and Soft). Reflecting a typically Italian sophisticated and advanced taste, Prestige embodies a style that faithfully reproduces the beauty of nature, enhanced by the proportions of the new 60x120 size.

The Place, a collection that blends Vals stone and marble quartzite to create a visually striking stone effect. The varied graphic effects are layered in a texture full of highly realistic details. The result is a new mineral look in five color variants and numerous sizes for both indoor and outdoor use. With three thicknesses, (9, 12 and 20 mm), four surface finishes – Soft, Naturale, Strutturata and Ext - and various decorative solutions, The Place is a fascinating and functional collection designed to enhance the indoor and outdoor spaces of any residential and public environment.

Perpetual is a highly realistic collection, where the characteristic and precious qualities of marble - such as durability and splendour, are easily identifiable, offering an unparalleled visual and tactile experience.  Its evocative power transports the observers to an eternal and timeless dimension. Five captivating colours, faithfully reminiscent of classic natural marbles, serve as the inspiration for the collection: Breccia Warm, Orobico Blend, Venato Gold, Belvedere Dark, Onice Clear; five unique variations, each with a strong and everlasting personality. The range of decors also mirrors the captivating veins and effects of the large ultra-thin slabs, in various formats, from mosaics to listellos.

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