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Panaria Ceramica’s ideas for the outdoors

Head outside!

The rediscovery of outdoor spaces, a delightful legacy of recent years, is certain to become a lasting trend. Designers and architects alike agree that people are increasingly looking for ways to enhance outdoor spaces, regardless of their size. While large, impressive outdoor spaces are often available in less densely populated areas, in cities, even small balconies and patios are being designed with an eye not only for functionality but also for aesthetics.  Thus, a side yard or unused corner transforms into a small, elegant garden, while a previously overlooked terrace becomes a serene springtime retreat on which to enjoy the season’s first sunset cocktails and leisurely Sunday breakfasts.

There are numerous ideas for reimagining balconies, patios, poolsides, and terraces, along with a variety of materials and styles to choose from. Like stone-look ceramic surfaces, for example, which are particularly well-suited for both floors and the cladding of facades, for a visually striking total look. Wood-look and cement-look are also trendy choices. Thanks to porcelain stoneware, it is possible to create exterior spaces that are both charming and practical, because these surfaces can be installed outdoors without worrying about wear and tear, weather conditions, or heavy loads, thanks to the outstanding technical performance of the material. 

Panaria Ceramica that has been offering premium residential solutions since 1974, boasts a rich catalogue of collections, formats, and looks for outdoor spaces. Its stone-look, cement-look, and wood-look portfolio includes various series that are perfect for plein-air living.

Stone Trace is inspired by slate: a versatile stone that is ideal for cladding facades, as well as tables, seating, and other furniture accessories. Featuring a distinct texture and a colour palette with a strong, yet understated, personality, the Stone Trace surfaces blend effortlessly into the surroundings in which they are inserted while maintaining their unique character, thus helping to create the perfect scenario. The richness of colour, its unique shading, and its chromatic balance make it a wonderfully elegant choice. Thanks to the advanced technologies and expertise that have always defined the quality of its products, Panaria has developed a collection of oversized, ultra-thin slabs designed to maximize aesthetic impact. It's also important to consider the environmental impact! To produce these extremely thin slabs, less raw materials, water, and energy are used and fewer CO2 emissions are generated. These, thanks to the THINk ZERO project, are entirely offset, taking into account the entire lifecycle of the product, resulting in ultra-thin slabs that are 100% carbon-neutral.




La Matière is a collection inspired by raw earth and spackled cement, characterised by a sophisticated texture and handcrafted details, for a highly realistic and visually striking aesthetic. This collection showcases warm and inviting Mediterranean tones in six versatile hues that blend seamlessly with each other. The plastering technique imparts a subtly granular texture to the surface, which remains gentle to the touch yet produces a striking visual effect.   The three outdoor formats and the three finishes allow designers to create environments that offer a seamless aesthetic flow between a home’s indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as handle the vastly different areas within it. The Ext finish, perfect for balconies, terraces, porticos, and patios, is enhanced with a blend of minerals that ensures excellent slip-resistance without altering its aesthetic. Meanwhile, theStrutturata surface is a 20mm thick product created specifically for outdoor flooring.  

Kairos is a wood-look collection that celebrates the beauty of aged wood, portraying its evocative and versatile natural quality. It is able to mimic the essence of oak planks in rich, warm tones, capturing the allure of wood’s continuous evolution through a complex texture that blends knots, scratches, cuts, and filled fissures for a uniquely realistic result. This authentic wood-look product provides a solution for decorating both the indoor and outdoor areas of a home with surfaces that are not only elegant, but also practical and durable. It combines the traditional benefits of a ceramic material with the beauty and aesthetic harmony of a natural material like wood, thus adapting to both rustic and contemporary environments. Complete and versatile, available in thicknesses of 9.5mm and 20mm and therefore ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, Kairos is further enhanced with a set of special pieces and two distinct decorative series and can be paired with a wide range of materials, from cement to stone and from marble to metal.

Borealis is a collection that re-interprets the most contemporary styles, meticulously replicating the grain and unique characteristics of oak. Extensive technological research, integrated with the brand’s expertise, has resulted in an impeccable combination of design and treated surfaces, for a final result that flawlessly brings together and blends tactile and visual perceptions. Borealis is available in two versions: Naturale, with a smooth surface that is durable and resistant to water absorption; and Strutturata, featuring a rough, matte surface, particularly suitable for outdoor flooring.  Three decorations complete the collection, offering the opportunity to enhance surfaces with intricate patterns and combinations: Chevron, Listello (whose 6x60cm format allows for a herringbone layout), and Baroque (to liven up the background elements with more ornamental inserts).  

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