Go technicolour

Surfaces with vibrant hues and exquisite patterns

Go technicolour

In interior design, colour is a fundamental tool, a true decorative “material”. Adding colour to a space is never merely an aesthetic exercise. The objective of the skilful use of colour is to achieve an equilibrium that takes into account various aspects, like changes in light, be it natural or artificial, which modifies perception within the environment. Choosing the right palette makes all the difference. Colour changes the atmosphere of interiors, defines spaces, and influences how these are perceived.

The bathroom is the room where experimentation is most allowed, but colours like blue, green, white, and beige are typically chosen as these hues evoke purity, freshness, and calm, creating a tranquil atmosphere in a space dedicated to relaxation and cleanliness. In the kitchen, these days the heart of the home, it’s best to focus on warm and inviting colours: from an explosion of earthy tones, like red or orange with various warm undertones, to create a strong and dynamic space, to green, a colour that comes in various shades, like olive, which pairs beautifully with soft hues like cream and beige. In the living room and bedroom, colours can range from light to very dark. The important thing is to find balance, perhaps through a cohesive palette that can be paired with some contrasting, yet complementary, elements, or details like furniture, which often plays a key role in creating unique and vibrant atmospheres.

Not just colour combinations, but also solutions that bring together different materials. It is, in fact, possible to use the same material for different environments, so as to create continuity between the various rooms, thus giving them a greater sense of spaciousness. Alternatively, one can use different materials, like wood and stone, to create a more dynamic space.

From softer to bolder tones, from minimalist graphics to vibrant and sophisticated brushstrokes, Panaria Ceramica’s collections offer countless, articulated and well-structured, solutions that indulge the creativity of those who want to liven up their home and add a touch of personality to the environments.


Panaria Ceramica’s Chromatic effect collections



Glam is colour and imagination, nature and shapes, in a stunning collection of 19 different decorative motifs, ranging from floral compositions that bring a natural dimension to unconventional spaces, to abstract textures for simpler and more minimalist styles.

The collection is made using an exclusive cold digital printing technique applied to laminated porcelain stoneware surfaces, with a thickness of 3.5 mm, the thinnest in the world. Another important characteristic is the remarkable flexibility with which they can be used and applied within highly distinctive spaces and also as cladding for furniture.

Decorated stoneware wall tiles wallpaper style, collection Glam


Glossy brick-style wall cladding, collection Workshop





A glossy, small-format, and vibrantly coloured brick that comes in nine shades, from bright and reassuring tones to deeper and richer features. The palette ranges from neutral colours like cream and dark grey, to more sophisticated and trendy hues, including hints of petrol green, curry, and chestnut.

The pure ceramic texture of Workshop is expressed through a soft and delicately undulating surface with irregularities that give it an artisan aesthetic. The great compatibility between the colours enhances the extraordinary compositional freedom of the small wall format, perfectly matchable with any porcelain stoneware floor from the Panaria Ceramica catalogue.



With its wide range of decorations, Iqoniqa is an interior ceramic cladding project that goes beyond the latest trends and seasons, combining timeless and welcoming patterns and colours to create a reassuring and visually comforting environment. Its neutral and natural tones and versatile textures, make it a collection capable of establishing an instinctive aesthetic harmony with a wide range of looks, materials, fabrics, and colours.

A practical and elegant set of multi-purpose cladding products accompanies the collection, suitable for creating light and vivid surfaces or for decorating backdrops, niches, backsplashes, and entire walls with subtle patterns and relaxing shades.

Decorated wall covering in glazed white body porous single-fired tiles, collection Iqoniqa



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