A modern kitchen: what are its characteristics?

A no frills and professional environment in which to strengthen one’s culinary skills, or a warmer and more natural kitchen? Either solution works, the important thing is to choose kitchen tiles that are in keeping with our tastes.

A modern kitchen: what are its characteristics?

The kitchen can be a haven not only in which to prepare meals, but also a place to talk, joke around, and share projects and ideas. A place to get away from one’s hectic daily life. A relaxing oasis as well as a creative space. That’s why these days, at the “heart of the home”, less flashy colours dominate the palette: the so-called “nude” tones which, in their natural and simple hues, create a more “relaxed” environment while at the same time exalting the style of the furnishings and decorations.

Today’s kitchen cladding products embrace this trend with a vast range of formats and finishes. Many seek a more aesthetically sterile environment in which to prepare gourmet dishes like those seen in the popular cooking shows that have transformed all of us, to some degree, into great chefs. Compact and linear tiles, more often than large formats, cater to this necessity.

Some modern kitchens also cast an eye towards classical elegance: in this case marble effect tiles are very popular, as well as surfaces like Prime Stone, a new concept that maintains the natural spirit of the stone, broadening the modern character of cement surfaces, for a look with an extremely well-calibrated colour palette.

The smooth, compact surface is also often used when seeking to establish a continuum between the kitchen and living room, a solution that is often used in today’s apartments. With this type of cladding, spaces that are separated by just an island or peninsula become sophisticated and elegant, yet remain open, flowing into one another.

Meanwhile, for a “warmer” and more casual environment, it is interesting to pair a wall of “Mediterranean” tiles, characterized by lively or colourful patterns, with large format tiles in neutral tones for cladding the rest of the cooking area.

Alternating between surfaces that have a smooth and velvet touch and mosaic tiles is another intriguing solution, either in delicate pastels or more gaudy shades.

All-white kitchens, especially with shiny finishes, are still quite popular: in this case, to liven up the space, we recommend the use of kitchen tiles with a three-dimensional surface, preferably on a single wall so as to create contrast with the other surfaces. It’s easy to personalize your kitchen with the many and various cladding options available from Panaria.

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