A new dimension in ceramics


Produced by means of extremely innovative technology, ZERO.3 is manufactured in 300x100 cm slabs, using a porcelain stoneware body made of top quality raw materials. It is pressed at a force of 15,000 tons. Firing takes place in innovative and eco-friendly kilns that are the result of the research and know-how of Panariagroup. The ceramic ZERO.3 slabs are only 3 mm or 5 mm thick. This makes them flexible, light and extremely easy to handle. The minimal thickness is the striking feature, which makes the product suitable for a variety of different applications.

ZERO.3 3mm

Porcelain stoneware slabs with a thickness of 3 mm, in sizes up to 300x100 cm. Suitable for wall tile applications (residential and commercial environments).

ZERO.3 3plus

Porcelain stoneware slabs with a thickness of 3,5 mm, with fibreglass mesh on the rear side, in sizes up to 300x100 cm. Flexible and resistant, ideal for remodeling on existing floors.

ZERO.3 5plus

Porcelain stoneware slabs with a thickness of 5,5 mm, with fibreglass mesh on the rear side, in sizes up to 300x100 cm. New possibilities of installation and new surface finishes. Outstanding technical performances and original aesthetic solutions.

Renovations have never been easier

Ideal for renovations because ZER0.3 slabs can be applied over existing materials avoiding demolition work, with a signifi cant reduction in time and costs.

The advantages of being unique:

  • large: a range of 7 innovative shapes of up to 3 X 1 meters, exclusive sizes which open a whole new world to architects and interior designers;
  • thin: this feature makes our slabs easy to use;
  • light: this attribute makes moving the slab from place to place and laying it so much easier, the 3mm thickness of the slab means it weighs only 7,4kg/m²;
  • flat: the surface area is perfectly flat;
  • flexible: ideal for covering curved wall areas with a range of up to 5 meters;
  • resistant: ZER0.3 Plus withstands high foot traffic;
  • easy: the material is very pliable, easy to cut and work with, whatever the thickness chosen, making the slabs ideal for use in innovative and creative projects; 
  • reliable: used all over the world, it boasts many prestigious references;
  • aesthetics: it is beautiful to look at wherever it is placed. ZER0.3 slabs exalt the beauty of the ceramic imbuing any space with innovative elegance and class;
  • inexpensive: it is ideal for reconstruction projects because it can be used to cover existing materials without having to demolish or dismantle old walls, thus saving on labour costs
  • guaranteed;
  • ecological: the manufacturing process is in keeping with all of the most strict environmental laws, uses less raw materials, water and CO2 emission energy.


Dream, plan, realize.

Thanks to its features, ZER0.3 is the perfect solution for countless design ideas:

  • Shelves and surfaces
  • Benches and chairs
  • Shower boxes and plates
  • Bathroom fittings and washbasins
  • Surfaces for kitchens and dining tables
  • Furnishings and consoles for living rooms
  • Bookcases and cabinets
  • Floors, walls and architectural spaces
  • Stairs and landings


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