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Wood You

Wood You

The ideal solution for lovers of the natural warmth and welcoming sensation typical of wooden floors

Past and present: the charm of tradition that projects our experience towards a dimension of warmth and comfort.

Product range


Floors and Walls porcelain tiles

Technical specs

Test method Required value Average values
Stain resistance ISO 10545-14 Classe 3 Min. RESISTANT
Chemical resistance ASTM C650 As indicated by manufacturer GLA, GHA RESISTANT
Shade variation ANSI A137.1 As indicated by manufacturer V3 MODERATE VARIATION
Resistance to surface abrasion ASTM C1027 AS INDICATED BY MANUFACTURER 4
Slip resistance ANSI A326.3 - DCOF ≥ 0.42


Catalogue Wood You PDF - 4.11 MB pdf
Certification Recycled content 40% - US PDF - 0.30 MB pdf
Declaration of Performance Porcelain tile PDF - 0.26 MB pdf

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