Glam Tips

Style tips and life stories in a snapshot - A project by Vanessa Pisk - Photos by Giandomenico Frassi

Glam Tips

Today, more than ever, we are seriously rethinking our notion of home.

The spaces that we inhabit are flexible and multi-functional, yet always protective and welcoming. They are spaces for social interaction and intimacy, spaces devoted to well-being and passions.

They are constantly changing to adapt to our lifestyle and even to our work requirements. They respond to the need and desire to welcome people, objects and memories.

Here are some ideas from the stylist Vanessa Pisk, who has captured together with Glam collection moments, attitudes and ways of living, transforming them into interior design ideas, projects to imagine and corners to create.

To make the home increasingly personal, unique and full of life.

Exactly like its inhabitants.

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