A lit fireplace and the warmth of crackling flames for winter

What is the most suitable coating for current interior design trends?

A lit fireplace and the warmth of crackling flames for winter

A classic for when it is cold outside? The fireplace!

You can spend the most relaxing moments of winter in a living room beside a warm fireplace, resting under a soft blanket or reading a good book. Whether featured in small houses, large apartments, country villas or city residences, fireplaces imbue every room with vitality and harmony, regardless of latitude.

Today, fireplaces, which remain very popular, are certainly a bonus. When lit, they are an atmospheric “catalyst”, as well as a pleasant source of heat. When unlit, they lend a unique charm to the space in which they are inserted and create a unique, incomparably elegant visual focal point.

But what is the most suitable coating for current interior design trends? What can you choose that dialogues with the surrounding environment? Today, there are various solutions for customizing the fireplace by experimenting with shapes, materials and colours.

The “rough” effect light grey total clear look, which is featured in the Discover line, is very metropolitan: with this shade, spaces seem to expand to focus attention on the fireplace.


If you opt for the Primestone line, you can achieve a modern and contemporary stone effect due to the material’s compactness.

A laminated porcelain stoneware coating is an excellent choice. Very visually striking textured solutions are guaranteed for any taste or lifestyle, offering the advantage of maximum practicality in terms of maintenance.

With ZERO.3 Doghe you can complete the fireplace with a wood effect in a dark shade, dialoguing with a light-coloured floor of the same line.


For highly sophisticated and ultramodern environments, the fireplace can be covered with ZERO.3 Experience tiles: beige for the fireplace and floors, alternating with dark or even black furniture and accessories.

Zero.3 Doghe

A fireplace can therefore, according to the needs, become a standout element through its juxtaposition with other furnishings; alternatively, with its own coating it can reinforce the character of the space in which it is inserted. Stone, wood and marble effects, treated in various ways, are among the most common solutions.

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