Trilogy: marble effect for an elegant bathroom

The bathroom environment becomes a place for relax, comfort and design.

Trilogy: marble effect for an elegant bathroom

A space dedicated to personal and body care, the bathroom is taking on an increasingly important role in the modern home. It is an area for relaxation, comfort, design and stylistic and personal expression of those who use it. Aside from its structure and fixtures – which are certainly important – these days it is fundamental that the bathroom also be aesthetically curated and stylistically well-defined. Thus the decorative style becomes a highly personal choice that depends on taste and spacial requirements. Floors and cladding are no longer mere finishing touches, but are designed to add style and personality, using the rhythm of texture, colours, and finishes to create a harmonious and striking result.

Ever more eclectic and aesthetically pleasing, porcelain stoneware with a marble effect is experiencing a major resurgence. The Trilogy collection by Panaria is an interpretation of such, created with superlative excellence and in 3 luxurious varieties: porcelain stoneware, “thin” laminated porcelain stoneware (a durable and flexible solution, suitable for renovations), and single-fired cladding tiles, which respond to all aesthetic and functional needs.

With a selection of the most coveted marbles and with a timeless appeal, Trilogy offers five elegant and captivating colours - Calacatta White, Onyx Light, Moon Beige, Sandy Grey, and Sky Smoke – and two finishes, soft and lux, making it possible to apply a single and coordinated style to surfaces and adapting itself to every need. The colour variations of the Trilogy range of products thus bring elegance, purity, and harmony to the bathroom, in keeping with the new trends in interior design. Less intense than strong black and more charismatic than classic white, the grey bathroom is a choice that can be easily associated with many different styles.


Trilogy - Sandy Grey/Trilogy - Fusion

 In the “Sandy Grey” version, lightened by the subtle white veining which helps to illuminate it, grey is the perfect choice for a modern bathroom. The “Sandy Grey Soft” ceramic surfaces in the 100x100 cm format for floors and “Sand Grey” in the 35x100 cm format for cladding, can be enhanced by the “Fusion” line, a 35x100 cm format décor with a diamond point effect, in the same colour tones, and by “Jewel”, in the same format, a decorative element that, like a piece of jewellery, reflects and illuminates the bathroom. 

A zen atmosphere, or a room that inspires relaxation as soon as you enter it. Those who desire a bathroom such as this will find inspiration in the essential nature of balance and linear and minimal shapes which find their expression and aesthetic value in the pairing of “Sandy Grey Soft”, 60x120 cm format for floors, and “Sandy Grey Lux”, 100x300 cm format for wall cladding. A lush cascading plant, hung on a wall or placed in a decorative vase complete the space, lending it a breath of freshness.

Trilogy Zero.3 - Sandy Grey
Trilogy Zero.3 - Sandy Grey
Trilogy - Onyx Light/Trilogy - Swing

A silky, sophisticated, and elegant effect for the bathroom, created with the neutral tones of onyx, available in the shiny version for floors with “Onyx Light Lux”, 100x100 cm format, and in the natural version with “Onyx Light”, 35x100 cm format. The wall decorated with “Swing Onyx Light”, 35x100 cm format, adds brilliance to the natural and artificial lighting of the bathroom.

The tiles with the “Glamour mix” pattern in the 35x100 cm format are a decorative element which bring great personality to a modern bathroom. Using various solutions together according to personal taste, it is possible combine texture, motifs, and ornamental details, breaking up the uniform rhythm of the monochromatic walls.

Trilogy - Glamour mix
Trilogy - Glamour mix
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